Union Gospel Mission Rises to the Occasion-Feeding During Covid

UGM has been serving full, hot, nutritious meals since day 1 of Covid-19! UGM was dine-in only, and in a heartbeat we had to go curbside. Many thanks, to area businesses and individuals for stepping up and helping supply us with emergency to-go containers and bottled water. This enabled us to step up for our community and provide nutritious, hot meals and hydration for people in need immediately at the start of the pandemic. In the initial weeks before unemployment kicked in for many, our lines were up to 3 1/2 to 4 blocks long some evenings. Many thanks to all of our community partners, it does take a village, especially in true times of need.

Curbside lunch at the Union Gospel Mission during Covid-19.
Easter dinner
Hot breakfast for dinner.
Mouthwatering Tostada, a popular lunch accompanied by a bag lunch and beverage.
Curbside to-go started immediately at the Mission, March 17th,
corn beef and cabbage for St. Patrick’s Day!
Lasagna hotdish, a favorite at UGM.
Hot pork sandwich with buttery mashed potatoes and rich pork gravy a la’ mode!